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Designer Checks provide a wide range of check styles including Wilma and Betty from the Flintstones and also many Warner Bros. cartoon personal checks. Side Tear checks feature heavily in the range available and many classic designs are available in this convenient format.

Many check accessories are supplied by Designer Checks including check registers, deposit slips and address labels. Some of the most popular check designs are available as desk sets.

The website does an excellent job meeting the needs of the consumer. Whether looking for a sweeter deal in todays economy or seeking out greener pastures in banking needs, this website has met the mark. This company presents an uncomplicated and manageable user interface that even the novice online shopper can master.

Special Offers

Further drawing in new and repeat customers to the web page are well-featured online coupons with offer-codes. These offer-codes are to be applied during the online check-out process. One such online coupon offers a free box of checks with a four box order. Another of these online offers lets the shopper choose free address labels. Each promo also offers a free upgrade of design and a free choice of designer lettering on each check. Here the buyer can further individualize their product to their liking and business needs within the special promo offer.

Choice and Convenience offers a large selection of checks that can be used with personal checking accounts from any accredited commercial bank or credit union. Costs are generally substantially lower than a boxed set of checks purchased directly from the banking institution. The consumer is given clear ordering instructions to find and include their personal checking account number and bank routing number. Ordering online saves time and the company lets the consumer choose from a much more varied set of printing options than the majority of banks can give their account holders.

Compare and Contrast is an easy website for users to navigate freely and with minimal assistance. Links within the site work smoothly. The site user can learn about other products and services within each option. Computer users can switch back and forth quickly to compare and contrast. This serves two important functions. It increases the screen visibility of the products and services increasing the likelihood of a larger sale for the company. It also lets the consumer feel like they are "in the drivers seat."

A Quality Product Guaranteed

The site information emphasizes the high quality of's selection of personal checks. Confidence in their product lines is expressed on every page. All checks will meet your particular bank's specifications. The company also employs security features within into their check designs. Their "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" lets the check buyer know that any order can be changed, exchanged or returned if not up to a consumer's likes or standards.

Colorful and Clear

The site has clear colorful images of check drawings, pictures and photos. The pages let the viewer click on a check image to see and examine in even greater detail. Another variety of checks available are side-tear checks. Here the writer can tear off each check, while the details remain on the left side of the check book for future record.

Accessories for Order

The ease of shopping lets the buyer carry out his or her choice of design throughout their banking ensemble. Coordinating and accessorizing is made simple. You can easily purchase matching theme address labels, bookkeeping organizers such as debit and check registers and checkbook covers.

Business Checks

By clicking their business link, those interested can access an adjoining company site. These web pages offer a selection of products for the corporate and small business owner. An account can be set up to facilitate repeat orders and incorporate company logo into checks, accessories and labels.

Classic Checks

The company's classic check product line comes in several traditional security colors. Those wanting more unique checks can choose between animals, gardening, inspiration messages, sports and scenic image checks. Each order includes the easy ordering of account deposit clips and other themed accessories.

Designer Checks go to the Movies

This website also lets check buyers choose registered trademark movie and animation figures. Disney has licensed whimsical favorites Tinker Bell and Winnie the Pooh. With just a click of your computer mouse, those famous mice - Mickey and Minnnie Mouse can be on your checks as well.

Also featured on the site are "Looney Tunes" and other cartoons from the Warner Bros Studios. Their online collection ranges from detective dog "Scooby-Doo" to the majesty of images from motion picture classics like the "Gone With the Wind."

Security and Privacy

The website lets both the first-time and long-time customer know that information privacy protection is of paramount importance. A company history and "Privacy Statement" is well outlined. It reassures the most security conscious buyer of the safety of their website and company at large. A link to the Better Business Bureau website further establishes their clean record of business. Detailed explanations of (SSL) or the "Secure Socket Layer" of technology woven within their software is given. Bank coding and credit card transactions are authenticated, encrypted and stored in the safest online manner possible.

Product Integration and Website Appeal

The website manages to successfully integrate the ease and security of online check purchase. Judging by the creativity and range of products, they also make the chore of check writing a more enjoyable experience.