More Savings on Check Ordering

Apart from applying the coupons we provide on this site to your check buying, there are some other ways that you might save, when you buy checks.

Try to avoid buying checks from your bank. The bank thinks you are a captive market and charges accordingly. Banks are not printers and outsource the printing to a specialist. In our opinion it is better that you go to the specialist yourself and make the savings, rather than your bank making the profit.

If you get through a reasonable number of checks then think about buying in larger quantities. Some suppliers will offer substantial price reductions if you buy four boxes.

There tends to be lots of options when you order your checks. Think about it. Do you need the special lettering or whatever the feature is? If you don't and it is going to cost a few dollars more then just say no.

Try to find a standard design that you really like and order that. If you use your own photo then it is probably going to cost more - although we do like people having the chance to show a special animal on their checks.

Some check styles cost a bit more, so again, do you really need duplicates or special stubs? If you do then go ahead and order them. If you aren't really using the stubs or you never look at the duplicates then maybe you could do without them?

Look to see if there is a bundled offer, but only if you need what is in the bundle. Address labels, checkbook covers and other accessories are often available as an add-on for a minimal extra cost. So if it's coming up to Christmas and you are going to need some return labels in a few months then why not see if you can add them cheaply to your order.

When it comes down to it though, we say have some fun with your checks and get the design you want, as long as you are buying direct you'll likely save some money.